Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small text files, they are stored by your browser onto your computer or mobile device. A cookie allows your preferences or actions across a site to be remembered on subsequent visits. The cookies allow us to know what he preferences of the users are browsing our web. In we use our own and third-party cookies to show content, analyse the use of the site and improve our services. The third-party Cookies used on the site of HOTEL CASONA CANTIGA DEL AGÜEIRA allow us to collect information about the use of our website. Analytics cookies do not collect information that identifies a user personally and all information that is collected by these cookies is aggregated and anonymous. The third- party cookies we use on our site are from Google (to analyse traffic and display google maps) and TripAdvisor (to display reviews from our guests).

Type of cookies
According to the type of organisation which administers them:

Own cookies: these cookies are installed by our own website domain.

Third-party cookies: these cookies are installed from domains which do not belong to us. For instance, where we include content from Google Maps or TripAdvisor on our own website or buttons which users can use to share content on social networks, a user accessing such content from our own website may have cookies added from these third parties. The HOTEL CASONA CANTIGA DEL AGÜEIRA doesn’t control these third-party cookies and so the user must review the cookie policies of these other websites for further information.

According to the length of time they remain active in the user’s system:

Session cookies: collect and store data only whilst the user is visiting the website. The information collected by these cookies allow us to analyse the traffic patterns of the site. We use this information to improve the content and the functionality of our site.

Persistent cookies: remain stored in a computer and may be accessed and managed by the organisation responsible for the cookie for a specific length of time, or until the user deletes it.

According to the purpose for which data are collected through the cookies:

Technical cookies: allow the user to make use of different options: for example, controlling data traffic and communication, identifying a session, accessing restricted areas, requesting a subscription or participating in an event etc.

Analytical cookies: allow website managers to follow and analyse the behaviour of the website users. They allow us to quantify the number of users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of our Website. In that way we can improve the range of services we offer.  

What cookies do we use?
These are the cookies our site is using.

Technical cookies

Cookie Source of cookie Purpose Expiration



Own site WordPress cookie record the language used by the browser of the user 12 months since last update
ginger-cookie Own site cookie generated by the Cookies Policy user’s agreement 1 month
PHPSESSID Own site Technical Cookie session ID Session

  Analytical cookies

Cookie Source of cookie Purpose Expiration
1P_JAR Google Google’s Cookie that collect statistical data from the site 1 month
CONSENT Google Record the user’s cookie consent status in the area of social networks 20 years
SNID Google In the site we show several GoogleMaps. That involves the use of NID and SNID cookies, apart from those that Google requires if the user keeps logged-in with his/her own account, these are totally managed by Google. 6 months
_ga Google Cookie from Google de Google that records how many times a user browses the site, recording when it was the first and last time. 24 months
_gid Google Google’s Cookie to distinguish unique users 24 hours
Utma Google Google’s Cookie registering the date of first and last time the user visited the site. 2 years
Utmb Google Google’s Cookie registering the length of the user’s visit to the site. 30 minutes
Utmz Google This Google’s Cookie keeps track of where the user comes from, search browser, links and key words used and from which country the user of the site comes from. 6 months
_gat Google Google Analytics cookie used to control the request rate. session
CM TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites 10 years
PMC TripAdvisor Unclassified 2 years
SRT TART_SYNC TripAdvisor Used to synchronise TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews showed on the site session
ServerPool TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites session
TACds TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites session
TART TripAdvisor Unclassified 4 days
TASSK TripAdvisor Unclassified 179 days
TASession TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites session
TATravelInfo TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites 13 days
TAUD TripAdvisor Unclassified 13 days
TAUnique TripAdvisor Used to show TripAdvisor traveller’s reviews and track the user on sites 2 years

Read more about Google Analytics Cookies Policy here 
Read more about Google Cookies Policy here
Read more about TripAdvisor Cookies Policy here

We need your consent for installing the cookies in your device and this consent can be explicit or after you have been informed, if you continue browsing our site, we will consider you accept our cookies.

Withdrawal of Consent
If you later decide to withdraw the consent you should set your browser so that reject the cookies and to clear the browsing history in order to erase those cookies already installed at your device. If you do not want cookies in your device you can read how to turn off the cookies setting your browser to do so. Si por cualquier motivo decide que no quiere que se instalen las cookies en su ordenador le informamos sobre cómo puede hacerlo, para ello deberá configurar su navegador. Below you have the links to the main browsers so you can change the setting of your browser.

How can you turn off cookies?
You can block cookies by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. Below are links to the ‘Help’ pages of major browsers which explain how you can do this.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox


Links to other sites
When you click in our site on a content linked to a third-party site, the third-party site linked may use other cookies. We encourage you to read and be informed about their Cookie Policy, in order to activate the setting on your browser. We are not responsible for those cookies. The third-party cookies may be modified, implemented or cancelled by themselves without being notified, so we cannot be responsible for the information being accurately updated at all times. The cookies used on our site may change depending on the updates or changes in the applications installed so we recommend you to read our Cookie Policy each time you Access our web.

The data controller at Hotel Casona Cantiga del Agüeira periodically reviews the cookies.

Last update:  25/05/2018