Enjoy music in Oscos with  any of our musical activities

In our magical Musical Soirees (live music concerts) you are very welcome to either enjoy them as a mere listener or join in taking an active role playing with us (if you would like to know how to participate playing an instrument with us, please let us know and we will very gladly advise you).

In our special weekends“Guitar Immersion” you may, during a very active weekend, enrich your music skills and improve your guitar technique (whatever your level or musical style might be) within an amusing and enjoyable group environment.

All-year round your stay with us may include “”guitar or piano private tuition”, combining the leisure activities you can do in this lovely region with personalized piano or guitar lessons.

If you happen to be a professional musician we offer you a unique accommodation, made possible amongst other things by the peacefulness of our surroundings, where you will be able to concentrate in your musical work, which you can combine with relaxing outdoor activities, country strolls and, cannot be left unmentioned, our area also offers some very outstanding gastronomy!.