Hiking routes in Oscos

As you wander along charming walking paths you will admire breathtaking landscapes, tiny hamlets, humble chapels and horreos (the Asturian stone and wood granaries sitting on pillars) a scenery telling us about a past whose strong point was the graceful equilibrium between man and his surroundings. Starting right out of our hamlet we´ll find one of the prettiest routes, the “Semeira” route which winds its way following the Agüeira River though an native forest and taking us to a delightful and sensational waterfall with a 100ft drop.

There are more than 25 different hiking routes one can do in the Oscos-Eo region, where besides taking delight in the virgin nature of its landscape, you will discover a very characteristic architecture and a really awesome landscape.

…A beautiful, rich and surprising nature to rejoice in with all our senses…