Eo Estuary & Asturian shores

32 kilometres from our hotel we find the Eo fiord, a natural estuary of great beauty and of great ecological value due to the richness of its flora and fauna, being a meeting place of three worlds (land, sea and river) and fuelling life into a very rich medium. It is also a very important resting place for birds in their migratory and winter routes. In the vicinity we can also visit the towns of Ribadeo, Castropol or Tapia de Casariego among others.

The Eo estuary can also be enjoyed from the very water itself through boat trips and canoeing. The Navia River also offers a variety of interesting activities such as canyon descents, canoeing, etc.

And if you so wish, you can enjoy our very beautiful coastline of steep cliffs cut out against a sometimes rough seas, or spend the day in any of its wonderful sandy beaches: Arnao, Peñaronda and Pormenande in Asturias or the Catedrales or Os Castros beaches in Galicia.