Crafts & Arts in Oscos

Crafts in Oscos survive thanks to our craftsmen who have managed to keep our ancestral traditions alive. Visiting their workshops and admiring their work you will get a thorough insight into the cultural heritage of the Oscos region.

What we recommend in the village of Santa Eulalia de Oscos:

Do not miss the “Telar de Irene Villar” (Irene Villar’s loom), where you will be able to watch her as she weaves natural fibres such as linen, wool or cotton using two very remarkable looms in which, thread by thread, warp by warp, the memories, dreams and hopes of several generations have been interweaving.

Visit Keiko and Jorge Toquero in their Knives’ workshop Hyottoko, two artisans who imprint a very personal touch in all their pocket knives, hunting and kitchen knives and wrought iron sculptures.

In the hamlet of Brañavella we find Antonio Magadán, an artisan of the traditional Oscos pocket knife, whom we can admire in action in his workshop while the anecdotes and legends of his conversation carry us to the deepest and untold corners of this land.

In the old forge of Mazonovo, you will be able to admire the wonderful work in iron here performed. Pieces forged in fire and water with superb sensibility by master blacksmith Fritz Bramsteidl, a smith whose work nourishes and gives continuity to the smith´s lineage, a tradition so characteristic of our region.

And very close to Santa Eulalia, in the hamlet of Caraduxe, we find Olga and Iker ready to show us through their courses and workshops named “Artesanamente” the traditional ways of elaborating from natural cosmetics to baskets or beer, or teach us how to collect mushrooms and medicinal and aromatic plants.

…Through the popular wisdom from these and other artisans in the Oscos region, you will discover the secrets and the richness of a culture that was cast in fire, in water, and in nature…